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Quality is not negotiable!

Don’t get me wrong. We can negotiate many things, when it comes to quality. We can talk about the measures we will implement, the tools and methods we use, the goals and the expectations we want to achieve and meet, the resources we will assign or would need, etc. The level of auality is the result of these negotiations. But in the end our customers expect us to deliver to their expectations. And after delivery, there is no more room for negotiations.

This is what defines my view on Software Quality. There is a bunch of measures and methods and a lot of ways to produce high quality software. And it is always about the mix of the right methods for the given project, that will give the best value for a given piece of software.

I am a speaker and  blogger on software quality topics. This spans the whole life cycle of software, from the very first idea and the requirements elicitation to test and deployment to the end of life. I’ve worked in the industry for nearly twenty years by now and held positions as developer, project-, development- and quality manager.

I offer consulting, which I prefer  to call Quality Coaching. This covers consulting with regard to quality during all the phases of the software lifecycle!

For that purpose, two important informations:

1. I’m based in Austria (close to Vienna, for all practical purposes)
2. My mother tongue is German, so I’m able to work in German and English.

If you are interested feel free to contact me.

This post is also available in: German

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